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10 Random Acts of Kindness to Post on Favourshare

November 13th is World Kindness Day. To celebrate this and inspire our users we have put together ten acts of kindness that you can carry out in your community via the Favourshare website.

Don’t be the person who just ‘goes home and shuts the door’ join the Favourshare community and step into a whole new world of positive interactions.

1. Offer to post a letter for someone near you who is housebound

They could leave it poking through the letter box so you can collect and exchange a friendly wave as you go.

2. Broaden you mind and ask to meet someone your age from a different culture

Exchange perspectives and share stories – a perfect Favour exchange.

3. Make the most of the fresh winter weather and do an hour’s gardening for an elderly person

A hot cup of tea in return will do nicely thank you very much!

4. Offer your professional expertise to someone who might need a bit of encouragement

Doctors, plumbers, entrepreneurs, builders. We can all hit a blind spot in our careers how amazing if you could meet them locally and tell them everything you wish you knew at that age in exchange for a drink.

5. Take a drill and spend half an hour putting up pictures or light mends on furniture for a single mother

It makes such a difference to have a bit of help around the house. Ask for a slice of cake and tea in return.

6. Offer to pick up and take an elderly person out for the day

Simple, light conversation in return is more than enough of a favour from this fabulous generation.

7. Cosy up in winter clothes and offer to push a wheelchair bound person in your area out for an hours fresh air

A flask of coffee or slice of cake to eat on route while you chat would be a super trade.

8. Visiting someone at the hospital?

Post that you can offer a lift from your village at a particular time.

9. Know Makaton?

Don’t sit quietly with these amazing talents – offer to visit a family with a special need’s member and join in the conversation. Just a simple signed ‘thank you’ in return would be wonderful.

10. Provide a bite to eat

Drop off supplies at your local Food Bank in return for a huge thank you. Remember their shortages include toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants and shaving foam as well as food.

With Favourshare your contribution to the community is made simple. Connect with those who need support and reach out with kindness you can offer. Why not? Everything is possible with Favourshare.

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