Favourshare Code of Conduct

  1. Be clear about the favour you would like to ask.
  2. Agree and stick to mutually beneficial terms before meeting up.
  3. Recognise if a transaction may not suit you before it is carried out and know that you are confident enough to stop it.
  4. Protect yourself; do not give out your private contact details and remember that you can meet people outside of your home.
  5. Be aware of safeguarding; know that Favourshare cannot screen the identity of its users.
  6. Be respectful to the elderly.
  7. Understand that all types of people can have mental health issues or lack confidence, and this may affect how they interact.
  8. If things don’t work out quite as well as you planned do your best to learn from the experience so that it doesn’t happen again.
  9. Be patient and protective towards vulnerable people.
  10. Retreat from the exchange if you believe an item may be stolen.
  11. Retreat faster if you have any uncomfortable feelings about the person you are dealing with.
  12. Enjoy Favoursharing with the people around you!