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Doing Good Deeds is Great for your Health

It’s true, there are real health benefits from helping others

A fact lost on most of us as we go about our incredibly busy lives. From the daily commute to our challenging jobs, to raising families and keeping a home – but if you can, finding time to drop in the odd good deed will actually add length to your life as well as smile to your face.

Fact: Those who help others are proven to live longer.

Helping others can release dopamine – the natural ‘feel good’ chemical, that’s great for your health!

Early man understood the benefits of a close-knit community. A community where skills were shared and ‘favours’ were swapped. They knew it as ‘survival of the fittest’; at Favourshare we call this, ‘survival of the sharer’.

They knew that those who cared for each other thrived and reproduced. As a result, humans developed a clever internal trick that still exists today – a hit of dopamine every time we help someone.

It comes naturally and we develop this at a very young age.

Think of the excitement of a child who wants to hand over a present for you straightaway rather than waiting for your Birthday – they are anticipating the pleasure they are going to have watching you open it.

Even John Lewis caught on to this in their Christmas advert in 2011 – ‘The Long Wait’. This campaign used exactly this to help create a warmth about gifting for not only the recipient, but also the person gifting too. All together now awwww.

The instinct to ask a favour and connect socially is real

So, what’s changed? Modern life means that it’s no longer essential for our survival. We are increasingly housebound and work, family or economic commitments drop socialising further down the list of priorities – only bringing with it a loss of confidence from a world of reality TV and social media that is littered with unhealthy, unrealistic stereotypes.

Deep down in our primal instincts we are aware that we need the co-operation of people around us; but modern life has made us solitary creatures.

By getting out into your community and helping others, you contribute to something real and develop a healthier you.

Ask a Favour and gain that ‘Helpers High’

People in disaster situations cope because the primitive instinct to seek and ask for help kicks in. Those helping feel energised and inspired by working amongst the people around them. The very act of helping reduces stress and provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction not found anywhere else. It’s even got a name – the ‘Helpers High’. It creates a stronger sense of connection within our society and promotes positive behaviour in the young.

Health benefits of helping others in your community

Offering physical or emotional help to someone is proven to lower both blood pressure and improve your mood. It boosts self-esteem and lowers feelings of depression leading over all to a greater feeling of pleasure.

Build a happier community by Favoursharing with the people around you.

Doing good, does good.


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