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Keep It Simple (Stupid)

Back in the 1960’s the US Navy fell upon an exciting concept; they realised that things always work best when they are not over complicated and decided that simplicity should always be the goal. They called it KISS – short for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

We’re on board with this at Favourshare. In fact, the more straight forward you keep things the happier we are.

Whether it’s topping up an elderly person’s bird feeder before enjoying a cup of tea in their garden, putting a hanging basket up so you can take home a dozen fresh eggs or finding someone who wants to swap a lasagne for a cottage pie, or sharing a paint pad, there is no pressure to overdo things.

Simplicity is why we want you to make sure all the terms are agreed before meeting. This way expectations can be managed and there is no pressure to explain yourself. There’s no need to think big – the aim is the dose of positive friendly contact with someone who lives nearby – enough to leave you both having a much happier day because of it.

Don’t forget to KISS during conversation as well.

There’s always something to talk about especially in England – the reason we always mention the weather is because we have such a lot of it. Pay a compliment, ask a question, be supportive and kind, see if you can fit in a bit of laughter. Then take 50% of the pressure off by listening, see it’s easy!

The aim in talking is not to win but to connect. So many people are feeling isolated these days and having a few small successful conversations is a great way to fold yourself back into the world. Especially if you are struggling with a temporary loss of confidence or anxiety.

‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ 

Said: Leonardo Da Vinci, and we agree. Life can be challenging enough so its good to know that with us you are in the driving seat when it comes to what you can manage.

Enjoy the process and know that we are right behind you.

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