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Kindness is now the valuable currency

Money has no value right now – kindness does

In fact, the only currency worthy of airtime is kindness; and at Favourshare we intend to ‘care’ our way through COVID-19 and we encourage you to join us.

Once upon a time, favours, sharing and kindness was the only currency we valued. Mucking in, was the key to getting on alright in life. We launched in June 2019 to connect people and we want that to stay.

There has never been a more important time to pluck up the courage to ask for help and be kind enough to offer help – than now. Join us and show your support for local people in isolation:

  • Will you collect a prescription or basic amenities for an ‘at risk’ individual to protect their health?

  • Will you offer a telephone call/skype call to ease the loneliness of those living alone?

  • Will you offer entertainment and creates smiles for miles across our community? Perhaps you can juggle, do card tricks, dance or sing?

Registering is easy and you can place or request a favour for free. You can be any age although children have to use it with supervision. There is no charge for using Favourshare it really is designed only to get people interacting with each other in a really positive way.

Restore the balance of those in need and those willing to help

Mucking in is in our DNA. And as a community, we all have something unique to give, whether it is tools, time or kindness. Being useful to someone is not only rewarding for your mental health, but it’s great for building a strong, robust community spirit that will see us ‘care our way through COVID-19’. is a cashless society. Just register to earn and gain.