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Nurturing your health on Favourshare

One of best things about Favourshare is the people you will meet, one of the second things is that it will nurture your health.

We’re delighted to report that our Favoursharing community is alive with super friendly, outgoing, helpful types. They make a difference – we’re seeing this already on mass and we’re proud of the helpful, chatty, supportive network of individuals we seem to be developing. We’re winning!

When you ask a favour, you make friends too.

There is no hidden trapdoor on Favourshare. It was inspired by the idea of generating positive light, social contact and support in local communities – nationwide. We exist to help communities large and small, thrive and that is exactly what is happening.

“There really is no danger in being caught in an endless cycle of helping someone because each connection is separately agreed and carried out. What I love about favourshare, is the friends I’ve made. My social life is thriving because of it. It’s better than Bumble for that.”

Joanie K, Favoursharer

The side effect of doing favours for others – connectivity

The connection you’ll feel in your community is amazing. Once you have that connection you’ll always drop them a wave when your passing in the car or stop for a quick chat if you recognise them in the street. By taking the plunge and asking for a favour, or even doing a favour you will find yourself literally ‘friends on the road’ always.

“Bumping into Bill lifts my day. He helped me with a spot of gardening one day. We shared old war stories and a beer (or two) in the sun. It’s quite something to think that a website helped create a memorable day like that. We’re going to the cricket next week.”

John, Favoursharer

This sort of alliance is vital to mental and physical health. It aids recovery from illness and improves your quality of life especially if you have gone through a major life change such as divorce or bereavement – making yourself known in the community for good deeds, can really boost your spirit and provide you with a sense of purpose.

Fact: Our health is strongly dependent upon the people around us.

Give your health a Favourshare workout

The sad fact is that lonely people are more likely to suffer with cardiovascular problems, stress and depression. Social support is there through Favourshare; register with us – it really does have the power to enrich your life, so what’s stopping you? Post your favour online or respond to a favour request – it really is that easy. 

There’s no commitment and they don’t have to know every detail about you, just give them the best version of yourself.