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Help a Neighbour with a favour

There goes the Neighbourhood

…all helping out and being kind to each other. Yes really!

With extensive coverage in the local and national press about the decline of community spirit; even in small villages, residents no longer know each other, let alone stop for a chat. The strangulation of local amenities such as post offices, pubs and corner shops by large corporate giants has enforced the closure of these local hot spots for small talk and socialising that leads to friendship. In turn, this has created a lack of people doing each other a kindness too!

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

― Mother Teresa

At Favourshare, we’ve developed a way of connecting one another for the greater good. We exist to attracting a very real audience of proactive users with an awful lot to offer. Our platform creates a synergy between people, skills and sharing. Skipping past the small talk and getting straight to the point – how can we help each other? 

Favours on your doorstep

Imagine, just minutes from your front door there will be someone happy to help and share a ‘favour for a favour’.  Right now, we’ve got people offering language lessons, copywriting advice, help preparing CV’s or supplying seasoned winter logs. All of this in exchange for favours you can easily offer such as gardening, cleaning, general advice – or even wine! In our items section, people are swapping garden plants and produce. Our kindness section – gloriously – is filling up with people offering lifts to the local hospital, lunch for a WW2 veteran or to take their friendly dog to visit an elderly person.

There’s nothing new about this concept

What you might not know is that sharing is in your DNA! Rewind 5,000 years when humans in the Near East began working with metal and making tools and weapons from bronze – sharing skills and helping each other is how we used to operate and guess what, it served us well.

We’ve lost touch with it over the years as technology has become more advanced, we’ve become more detached from each other – leading more solitary lives. Connecting to our ‘environment’ from the tips of our fingers via our smart devices and with an abundance of entertainment to absorb we feel less desire to become involved and contribute to our ‘communities’.

Offer a kindness with Favourshare

With Favourshare you can combine the best of the new up to the minute technology – with the best of the old – actual real-life people. Try it – it’s so simple to connect with those around us in a positive way.

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