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Tis the season for sharing, Favoursharing

‘tis the season of sharing, Favoursharing!

Christmas is a time for sharing, sharing board games, sharing food and sharing joy. As we dec our halls with boughs of holly, singing along to the Christmas classics give a thought to how you could spread the festive cheer throughout your community.

Favoursharer’s can help bring joy to those around through the simplest of gestures; here is some inspiration to get you started through the month of December.

Cook a tray bake (or two) in return for helping hand in the garden

Those outside jobs, in winter can feel like the biggest chore. It’s cold, and the days are short. Extend a helping hand in exchange for cooked goods. Not only do many hands make light work, they also add cheer and conversation too. So if your mince pies are MEGA or your Christmas pudding packs a punch, offer this in return for a hand with the gardening.

Recycle unwanted goods on Favourshare

Photograph and list any items you no longer need on Favourshare and request a favour as payment. It’s a unique way to ‘get gifting’ this Christmas offering time and skills in exchange for goods.

Offer your time to an elderly person this Christmas in return for a cup of tea

The most precious gift of all, time. Do you have some spare for an elderly person? With so many suffering with loneliness at Christmas, missing loved ones or unable to travel to visit relatives; a well-timed cup of tea and chat can make the world of difference to their day.

“We support any activity that brings generations together. You could meet at a café or make a flask and go for a walk in the fresh air.” 

Make use of your life experience – Have you encountered a bereavement? Started a business? Recovered from an illness?

Offer help and advice to good people who need it the most. Most of us are battling circumstances behind the scenes and a chat and advice from someone who has already been there would mean so much. Everything compounds at this time of year especially with the dark nights and lack of sunshine. Helping each other is the most simplistic and important form of humanity.

Pet sitting, company for all

It’s that time of year when we spend time visiting relatives and take advantage of Bank Holidays to ‘get away from things’ before the New Year hits. Use Favourshare to offer Favours in exchange for someone keeping an eye on your house or pets while you are away. Bake a cake or even offer to do the same in return.

Whatever you’re doing this festive season, be sure to have a very enjoyable holiday season from us all at Favourshare.

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