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Favourshare Top Tips

Top tips for using Favourshare

Think What can you offer or what do you need? Maybe it’s a skill, DIY, a kindness, a space in the car, life experience or going out of your way to post a letter for someone? Can you cook? Read aloud to a partially sighted person or introduce someone to a hobby? The opportunities on Favourshare are endless.

Register on the Favourshare website. It’s quick, easy and absolutely free.

Money. There is no money handed over during transactions so please keep any cash, purses or wallets safely out of the way. Favourshare is a bartering website where items or jobs are exchanged with other people on mutually beneficial terms.

Be honest about the favour you require. If its DIY then posting a photograph of the job helps. Perhaps you’ve got a lawn that needs mowing – add in some rough measurements and state if you have a working lawnmower.  Need a letter posting? Say roughly how far away you are from the post box. Need a partner for a walk? Declare it now if you are a hare or a tortoise.  If it’s an Item be clear what condition it is in. Misunderstandings just spoil everyone’s day.

Read and agree to the Favourshare Code of Conduct. This demonstrates our ethos in full; primarily we need you to stay safe when dealing with other people. We also want you to understand our philosophy – which is to enable our users to transfer and receive positive contact easily with people who live around them.

Wait for your request to be approved by our team of administrators. This won’t take long. Once your favour is live people in your area will be able to see it immediately. Have fun!