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People asking for help

Too afraid to ask for help?

Yep, that’s right, here’s the psychology.

It is often perceived that asking for help is ‘needy’. Others feel annoying to the person they ask. But the main reason we don’t rely on asking for help is because we’re extremely vulnerable when we do. When you ask for help, you open yourself up to rejection.

What you might not know is that the urge to help each other comes naturally to humans – it is hard-wired into our DNA. We want to reverse the fear of rejection and remove the perception that to ask for a favour makes you ‘needy’ by delivering a platform where this is commonplace. Here’s our top 3 reasons to register with Favourshare and ‘ask a favour’.

1. Inviting kindness into your life

Fact: Good people are helpful.

By asking for a favour, you are inviting in the support of helpful individuals. Being a ‘good person’ is not hard, but it doesn’t just happen. People who are helpful have the best of intentions firmly bedded throughout their personality and ethics. They are usually very honest; are able to be complimentary and provide praise regularly and are generally kind and polite to all they meet. These are the kind of people that are more likely to lend a hand and respond to a person in need. By asking a favour, you’ll meet the kindest of souls in your neighbourhoodmaking friends for life.

2. Asking for help, makes you stronger

Asking for help means that you’re strong enough to admit you might need a little help with something. Remind yourself, that takes courage and is a sign of strength. It means you’re trying to deal with emotions that make a human feel uncomfortable, like fear and embarrassment and rejection.

3. Learn new skills

If you’re asking for a favour, it’s likely that you need a hand with something. In doing so you’re recruiting skills into your life that you don’t possess. Humans have a habit of helping each other and in doing so naturally pass on information to others. By asking for that favour, you’re increasing your knowledge, which in turn will help build confidence.

The Benjamin Franklin effect…

Research into human behaviour proves that after someone has helped you, they will like you more. It even has a name, the ‘Benjamin Franklin effect’.

‘He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged.’

Favourshare makes it easier for you make new friends, learn new skills and be a stronger person, it opens up a world of possibilities, so go ahead and just ask – there’s more than just a favour at stake here.